The 3 Benefits of Using An IT Consulting Firm

Has your organization ever experienced a server failure? Have you ever been the victim of a security breach? Have you ever needed locally stored information while you were traveling? These are all too familiar scenarios that can easily be solved by migrating your information to a cloud-based system. An IT consulting firm can quickly and easily transfer all of your hosted materials to a reliable and accessible system in the cloud. There are tons of benefits with very few drawbacks on converting. Even the costs can be recouped over time, so why not switch over?

Better Access

One of the main benefits and usually the first thing people think about when converting from a localized system is the greater access for employees. Instead of having to be tied to a desk that is hardwired into a server system, anyone with the correct credentials can log-in to the organization’s systems from anywhere in the world.

Leave a presentation on your desktop after you’ve flown across the country to deliver a keynote? What was once a heart attack inducing blunder is now a simple matter of reaching into the cloud and pulling your information to you. An IT consulting firm can even grant different levels of access to separate users and create an incredibly robust data sharing system.

Increased Security

A cloud-hosted system will not only provide more access to your information, but it will also enhance your security to restrict and block access to anyone unapproved. Data breaching techniques are evolving in step with security features, so make sure you are enlisting the professional services of a trusted IT consulting firm. Traditional methods of firewalls and passwords may not be enough to protect your sensitive materials.

Security has to be a high priority for today’s businesses. While the greater accessibility might seem like it would be easier to hack into, IT consulting firms have up-to-date measures to defend against intruders. Additionally they can monitor and protect your system even while you are not present and they usually provide 24/7 support in case of an issue.

Save Resources

A tremendous amount of equipment and utility costs are required to operate your own server. Besides the expensive housing, you need a dedicated room that must be kept cool at all times. That is a very large drain on an operating budget. Spending a little now to have an IT consulting firm migrate all that information to a cloud-based system will free up the associated costs of running your server. You can sell the equipment, reduce the utility bill, and gain some extra square footage in your building for an additional use.

There really is no down side to migrating your business’ server needs. You gain access, security, and resources, and you will only have to give up the bulky hardware currently occupying space down the hall.